Upon purchase of  a CobaltX device please complete   PRODUCT REGISTRATION FORM to activate your Product Warranty. Go to the Warranty tab, fill in the Warranty Registration requested information and submit. Failure to register within 60 days of purchase can void the Warranty.


CobaltX provides a limited warranty against manufacturing defects on all Speakers, Power Packs, Headsets and Ear-buds. The limited warranty starts at the date of the original purchase and the manufacturing defects are determined at the sole discretion of CobaltX. Proof of purchase is required.

Warranty Periods

Headsets Speakers & Earbuds…….Three Years

Battery Packs………………………….Three Years

Warranty Service

If you think your product is defective, please email us at SUPPORT@SHOPCOBALTX.COM. Please have all product and order information available. A CobaltX customer service representative will respond to you within within 1-2 business days. We do stand by our product and will do our best to accommodate our customers with any issues or concerns they may have with any CobaltX product. 


This warranty does not cover the following cases:

– Damages, which arise from negligence, misuse or not in accordance with the product instruction.

– The product logo or serial number is illegible or has been removed, erased, defaced or altered. If product is opened & tampered with. Any accessory or external part of the product is missing.

– Any damage occurs in/on outer surface of the product, including but not limited to cracks, dents or scratches on the exterior cases, cords, buttons and other attachments.

– Warranty service of the CobaltX products will be invalid if it becomes dirty, damaged due to contact with chemical agents, sharp objects, improper handling, accident, abuse, or etc. And under abnormal use or conditions such as sauna, swimming, etc.


Please read all instructions and warnings prior to using your CobaltX products.

1- Do not modify, crush, disassemble or open up your CobaltX product.

2- Do not expose your product to water or fire.

3- Do not over charge your product.

– Improper use of the product may result in product damage, excess heat, toxic fumes, fire or explosion, for which damages you as the “Purchaser” will be held accountable and CobaltX  the “Manufacturer” is not responsible.

– Do not store the product in high temperature environment, including intense sunlight heat.

– Do not place the product in fire or other excessively hot environment.

– Be cautious of excessive drops, bumps, abrasions, or other impacts to the product, if there is any damage such as dents, punctures, tears, deformities or corrosion due to any cause discontinue use.

– All products have gone through a thorough quality assurance inspection. If you find that your product is excessively hot, is emitting odor, is deformed, abraded, cut, or is experiencing or demonstration and abnormal phenomenon, immediately stop all use and contact Manufacturer.

– Do not disassemble this the product or attempt to re-purpose or modify it in any manner.

– Do not expose the product to moisture or submerge it in liquid. Keep dry all the time.

– If the product is intended by Purchaser to be used by a minor, purchasing adult agrees to provide detailed instructions and warnings to any minor prior to use. Failure to do so is sole responsibility of purchaser, who agrees to indemnify manufacturer for any unintended use/misuse by minor.

– Do not attempt to charge the Power Pack battery or Speaker using any method, apparatus, or connection other than the device`s USB connector.

– For extended usage, first charge your Power Pack battery or Speaker before connecting to your device.

– Never dispose of the Power Pack battery or Speaker in the garbage. Disposal of batteries in the garbage is unlawful under state and federal environment laws and regulations. Always take used batteries to your battery-recycling center.

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